Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank You Peter Meinke

This Life


Feels like I slipped on a penny
Of counterfeit currency while
Trying to grasp moonbeams
Dreams shattered
Like broken stars glassy spikes of hope
Mingled with hopelessness

I am awash momentarily in a sea of high notes
Then the waves come carrying shark fins
Spitting me out like beach debris
Making blood tracks in the sand

I move on cloaked in the narrow space of twilight
A stranger abandoned
Alone in the space between enlightenment and despair
Close to a flame but never near enough to feel warm
Carrying the weight I cannot leave behind

I’ve seen fire bruise the sky
Tended open wounds with salt tears
Crawled on my knees with the holy grail
Like a hump on my back
Seeking inspiration

I have prayed for darkness
And cursed the light
All the while keeping my gun fully loaded
Somewhere They gather packing their nets
I will wait for the sound of thunder

I will sprout peace on the mountain
They made for me armed only with
The battle shield of my thoughts for comfort
I am not alone
I am not afraid



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